Junior Ministers present: An Event of Some Kind (X)

Hello! It’s the second birthday of An Event of Some Kind on Friday April 8, and we’d love it if you could come along.

It’s also the final Junior Ministers gig for the foreseeable future, so if you’d like to see some wonky avant-novelty pop yelled/spoken by one tipsy man and sung by another, this is your last chance for quite some time.

In addition to us, we’ve got Mediterranean sex god Wilfredo (aka comedian Matt Roper), singing songs from his multi-platinum selling albums The Boy on the Bull and Solo Para Las Damas. Excellent!


He’s joined by cowpunk heroes Franco’s Chariot, who offer raw and succulent tunes with just a touch of the shanty about them. Lovely!

And there’s comedian Stephen Hill, fresh off a stellar performance at ARINFAT in February, and chomping at the AEOSK bit.

Resident DJ Jamie ‘Citizen Smith’ Smith will be rocking the house gently and tenderly, as is his wont.

As usual there’ll be our world famous audience drawing competition with amazing prizes, free audience snacks, pie availability and, quite possibly, some jokes. Wow!


Would you like some details? Here are those details, if so:


What? Junior Ministers present: An Event of Some Kind (X)

When? Friday April 8, 8pm

Where? The Cavendish Arms, 128 Hartington Road, Stockwell, SW8 2HJ

How much? £7 Buy tickets here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/110437

Why? See above!

Junior Ministers present: An Event of Some Kind (IX)

An Event of Some Kind (XI)

Yes! December 10 is the date to put aside for An Event Of Some Kind (IX), featuring none other than comedian Norman Lovett – AKA Holly from cult comedy Red Dwarf!

Norman is an afficianado of the Balham 99p store – the very place where most of AEOSK’s drawing competition prizes are ‘sourced’. IT’S LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

Joining Norman at AEOSK (IX) will be folk-popsters Flaming June, who have supported AEOSK favourites 6 Day Riot. Ace.

And chiming in with some comedy stylings of his very own will be Mr Jackson Voorhaar, fresh from an appearance at the inaugural ARINFAT event in October (see one of the previous blogs on here or something).

Of course your old pals Junior Ministers will be gracing the stage with their avant-novelty tuneage. And expect additional musicalisms from Jim Jr as well as MCing comedy and bits and bobs from H Anthony Hildebrand.

Our awesome poster above was designed by the supremely talented Hannah Neale. Hire her for illustration-type purposes!

Naturally AEOSK (IX) will also feature the traditional audience drawing competition, and some (potentially Xmas-themed) free audience interval snacks.

There’s also a chance the Junior Ministers’ Xmas ‘song’ will get an airing. And resident DJ-meister Jamie ‘Citizen Smith’ Smith will be playing them tunes before, inbetween, and after the main show.

****Just added to the bill: the superb Arcade Firesque stylings of Lili and the Hackabouts. Sweet!****

As per usual, AEOSK (IX) takes place at The Cavendish Arms in south London’s lugubrious Stockwell. Here’s the details in a kind of list-style format:

Date: Friday December 10
Time: 8pm-11.30pm
Venue: The Cavendish Arms, 128 Hartington Road Stockwell, SW8 2HJ
Transport: Stockwell/Vauxhall tube stations, Vauxhall overground, buses including 2, 50, 88, 155, 196, 333, 345
Tickets: £7 from this link here

ARINFAT – what happened there, then?

Hello. You know that night of new material and experiments and stuff that I organised about a month ago – A Reasonably Informal Night Featuring Assorted Things (ARINFAT)? Well, it was fun. Not many people came to see it, but the ones who did were flipping ace, as were all the acts who appeared on the night.

Here is some proof – a delightful blog post by the delightful James W Smith.

The folks who did comedy stuff on the night were the aforementioned Mr Smith, Luke Benson, Carly Smallman, Will Howells, Jackson Voorhaar, Freddie Kingsmill, Jim Bass, and Chris Coltrane. I read some new jokes, and DJ Jamie ‘Citizen Smith’ Smith provided tunes – and walk-on music.

For those interested, here’s what he played:

Four Tet. Love Cry
Pantha du Prince. Stick to My Side
The XX. Crystalised (Rory Phillips remix)
Midnight Magic. Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault remix)
Caribou. Odessa
Funkadelic. Can You Get to That
Sleigh Bells. Rill Rill
Friendly Fires. Jump in the Pool (Wild Geese remix)
Shit Robot. Triumph!!!
The Units. High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips remix)
Chemical Brothers. Swoon (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas remix)
Mim Suleiman. Nyuli
Mystery Jets. Dreaming of Another World (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas remix)
Hot Chip. Hand Me Down Your Love (Wild Geese remix)
The XX. Shelter (John Talabot remix)
Superpitcher. Rabbits in a Hurry
Gichy Dan’s Beachwood No.9. On a Day Like Today (Todd Terje ‘Friendly
Children’ edit)
LCD Soundsystem. Pow Pow

… and …

Meco. Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band

And this is a Spotify playlist of those that were available

Given how much fun this was I’ll be looking to do some more of them in 2011.

In the meantime, the next AEOSK is on December 10 at the Cavendish. Line up and ticket details very shortly.

If you’re quick you might be able to get a ticket for next week’s 6 Day Riot album launch party at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, which I am MCing, and also features comedian Richard Herring and musical chap Ian King. It’s almost sold out, I’m told. Tickets:  http://www.allgigs.co.uk/view/event/327702/6_Day_Riot_Jazz_Cafe_London_10_November_2010.html

Cheers – H Anthony

A Reasonably Informal Night Featuring Assorted Things – October 8

Hi there. Long time, no news. That’s largely because I (H Anthony) have been doing solo Edinburgh comedy things n that. I’ll put together some exciting bloggage about that on my site soon.

As a result – and because of other things, such as Jim not being able to be there – the previously scheduled AEOSK on October 8 isn’t going to happen. AEOSK (IX) will now take place at the Cavendish Arms on Friday December 10. We’ll get line up news and ticket details available soon.


In lieu of the full AEOSK shambles, I’m curating ARINFAT – A Reasonably Informal Night Featuring Assorted Things – at the Cavendish on October 8. Kicking off about 8.30 or 9, ARINFAT will be hosted by me, and will be an evening of largely comedy types trying out new material, drinking, and generally being somewhat unprofessional. And it’ll cost a measly £3 to get in.

So far, as well as myself, Luke Benson, Carly Smallman, and previous AEOSK performer James W Smith will be appearing. If you’re a comedian who’d like to come down and try out something new, contact me at hahildebrand@gmail.com.

And if you just fancy a night of drinks and potentially amusing/groundbreaking/stupid/interesting new comedy material and suchlike, head on down.

Date: Friday October 8

Venue: The Cavendish Arms, 128 Hartington Road, Stockwell, SW8 2HJ

Tube: Stockwell, Vauxhall

Time: 8.30ish

Cost: aforementioned measly £3

Cool new poster for AEOSK (VIII)

AEOSK (VIII) poster

It’s the groovy new poster for An Event of Some Kind (VIII), by uber-talented illustrator Hannah Neale. It happens on June 11. Come along, pals. Click the poster to buy tickets…

Spak Whitman joins line up for AEOSK (VIII)

That’s right – it’s edgy urban hip hop poet Spak Whitman, and he’ll be on stage at An Event of Some Kind (VIII) on Friday June 11 at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London.

He joins fantastic hip hop improvisers Abandoman, ferociously catchy electro-poppy wunderkinds Jukebox Collective, album launching Junior Minister Jim in his Babaca Manchild guise (with full band), the Junior Ministers themselves (us), DJ Jamie offering musical excellence in digital format, and H Anthony Hildebrand (me) providing MCisms, interval snacks and the traditional drawing competition.

Here’s a video of Spak Whitman in action:

But your tickets – great value at just £7 – online from this here link: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/77979

The Cavendish Arms is at 128 Hartington Road, Stockwell, near Stockwell and Vauxhall tubes. Doors open on the night around 8pm, though you can have some lovely booze and maybe a pie in the bar beforehand.

See you there.


It’s no oil painting.

It’s actually an oil slick.

But the oil slick is kind of like a painting.

You can only see it from space

– and only then when it is on fire.

It looks beautiful, spectacular, amazing.

The burning oil spells out these words:

‘Please do not litter.’

Ironic, huh?