Download a free HardKnut the Viking comic

HardKnut the Viking

HardKnut himself. He is a conker.

That little fella above is HardKnut the Viking – a horse chestnut, or conker, who lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with his only friend, a squirrel who is keen to eat him. Together they fight zombie squirrels etc.

The first issue of HardKnut the Viking – illustrated by the very talented Hannah Neale, and written by H Anthony Hildebrand (me) – was handed out free at AEOSK (V) on Friday night (more on this soon, including pics).

To download a free copy of the comic in PDF form, clicky here.

Hannah is the illustration-meister behind the An Event of Some Kind promotional posters. Have a gander at them here. She’s available to create hand-illustrated posters, flyers, logos, cool pictures and the like at very cheap prices, so get in touch with her for wickedcool artwork and such.

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